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Course Syllabus

Astronomy - Ancient Genius, Modern Dilemmas is an introductory course aimed at the level of first year college students. It assumes a minimum of mathematics and is directed at an audience with an interest in science, but with little formal training in the sciences. 

The course is a one semester course in astronomy, emphasizing the historical development of astronomy, the important contributors to the field, and the unanswered questions presently being pondered by today's astronomers and astrophysicists. Modern astronomy is not an isolated field. Contributions from diverse sources disciplines such as biology, chemistry and elementary particle physics have sparked new insights into topics of fundamental importance to astronomers.  These contributions will be considered during the conduct of the course. The structure of the course consists of:

This is the Physics Department's home page. The link to this course appears as an icon on this page labeled Astronomy - Ancient Genius, Modern Dilemmas. Note that another astronomy link is also available. This is to the course "Astronomy On-Line", which is a different course from this one, although many features are similar.

W. Seeley, Department of Physics, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Church Street, North Adams, MA 01247-4100.

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