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Course Syllabus
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The course is "Introduction to Physics I." It is the first of a four part sequence that covers most aspects of traditional and modern physics. There is no prerequisite for the course, but a parallel course in Calculus I or pre-calculus is strongly recommended. There is no assumption that you have had a previous course in physics, but any prior exposure may be of help to you. The language of physics is mathematics, and we will learn to speak that language fluently. If you are concerned that your mathematical background is not up to the challenge, don't be. A reasonable grasp of algebra is enough of a start, if it is accompanied by a willingness to do math. In other words, if you like to do math you will probably love (well, maybe not love, but at least like) physics. We will teach you the requisite mathematics as we go along.

The instructor for the course is William Seeley:

    Office, Room 107A (In the physics labs)
    Phone, 662-5457
    Web pages (where course information will be available), (There is a link to these pages from the Physics Department web pages at

Office Hours:
    Monday 10:00 AM, Wednesday 2:00 PM, Thursday 2:00 PM, by appointment or by chance (stop in any time).