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Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering is a prerequisite course for students enrolled in the Physics Department's 2-3 Engineering Program. It is also open to all students at the college which an interest in technology in general and engineering in particular. In this role it serves as a course meeting a requirement of the College's Core Curriculum in Tier II, Science and Technology (CCST). As the course content often uses examples from the field of robotics to illustrate engineering principles, it also provides a basis of knowledge for the course Robotic Systems and other courses in robotics offered by the Departments of Physics and Computer Science.

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The background image is of "Flexo" (formally Seeker1 but renamed in the spring of 2007 by an out-of-control CS major working on the project), a robot we built in the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006. The arm was added during the summer of 2006 and work continues on making the arm more versatile. This robot can run autonomously or under the control of an operator using a remote computer over a wireless (e.g. Internet) connection. Its on-board camera feeds images back to the operator when in wireless mode. If you are interested in the department's robotics program, contact Dr. Seeley.