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Introduction to Engineering – Session Notes – Session 1


Overview of what engineering is – electrical, mechanical, computer, chemical, civil, etc. (Read chapter 1 in the text – come in with your questions next time).


Math survey – take the survey so I (and you) can calibrate the course to your proficiency.


Force Inventory – A fairly popular survey to measure your understanding of mechanical principles. We will take the survey at the end of the semester to measure your increased understanding. (No credit or penalty for the survey – just an assessment tool).


The remainder of the session devoted to basic math principles – Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus. The lab session will be a continuation of the math review. There are many good math review websites on the Internet. A few are – algebra and earlier only; and many more via Google. The college also provides tutorial assistance in math at several levels. Please note: If you have that sinking feeling that the math is going to overpower you, see me (your helpful instructor) early-on. Don’t wait until you are past that point of no return. We can probably find a way to resolve your math dilemma – or at least find a workable way around it.


No formal lab today – the above work may run into the lab period.