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Astronomy - Ancient Genus, Modern Dilemmas - Note: Assignments are taken from Seeds, 8th Edition

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First assignment:

In the text, read all of chapter 1. Answer questions 1, 4 and 7. Do problem 2.

Begin the first lab assignment. This lab may be done anywhere. If you need help with the lab you may attend the scheduled lab sessions in Bowman 107. The purpose of this lab is to give you a sense of the scale of the universe (or at least our small part of it). For details on the lab click here.
Look for the planet Mars in the evening sky - it's up most of the night. Mars, if you've been aware at all, was at its closest to Earth at 4:30 UT on the evening of 25 August. We will look at it with our telescopes as the weather permits, perhaps 2 weeks after its closest approach. Question: I was asked